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One of the things that make Skyros a place worth visiting is the island’s beaches. As mentioned before, more than 50 known beaches are there for anyone to visit that make Skyros an ideal summer destination.

Molos and Magazia are both developed resorts, and are well suited for tourism. In these two towns you will find a great selection of accommodation, as well as a choice of tavernas, cafes and bars where you can enjoy a meal or drink.

Along the coast of the northern side of Skyros, you will find a great choice of beautiful beaches, where the tranquil pine trees and the rich green vegetation reach all the way down to the beaches, creating a very relaxed and tranquil setting.

Another nice beach on the north coast of Skyros is that of Palamari, which is located next to the site of ancient Palamari. Here you can enjoy a very relaxing and peaceful swim, with the ruins of the ancient town right next to you.

One of the most popular beaches on the north coast of Skyros is that of Gyrismata. This long and sandy beach is extremely popular during the summer season, and here you can enjoy bathing and relaxing in a wonderful setting.

To the north west of the island, approximately 18.5km from the town of Chora, is the delightful region of Atsitsa. It is here that you will find the beautiful bay of Agios Petros and it's lovely sandy beach that is surrounded by cedar trees.

There are also some very nice beaches at Kira Panagia, Petritsa and Theotokes.

Around the port of Linaria, you will come across some very nice beaches, such as those of Kalamitsa, Acherounes and Pefkos.

These beaches are very popular with visitors to Skyros, and there easy access from both Linaria and the town of Chora, make them the perfect destination for a relaxing day at the beach.

Around Skyros are several small islets, on which you can find some truly magnificent beaches. One such beach is that of Glyfada, which is located on the small islet of Sarakiniko.

From the port of Linaria, there are daily trips taking place to some of these charming islets. These trips are well worth taking if you have the opportunity. You can also visit some of the beautiful sea caves around the coast of the island such as the unique caves of Diatrypiti and Pentekali.

The beautiful beaches of Skyros each have their own unique charm and beauty. Close to some of them you will find cafe bars or accommodation. Others are much more isolated, and offer nothing more than a perfect setting, in which to enjoy your time on the island.