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Skyros HouseSkyros HouseSkyros HouseSkyros House
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The 1st thing you need to know about Skyros is that the island has 53 known beaches and only 26 of them are accessible by car. That leaves more than 20 beaches that you can visit by boat finding yourself all alone in the heart of the Aegean summer!

The island is located at the center of the Aegean sea and is a part of the Sporades Complex along with Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.

The north of the island is covered by forest, and includes the island's highest point, Mount Olympus (792 m), while the south, dominated by the mountain of Kochila, is bare and rocky. The island's capital is also called Skyros (or, locally, Chora). The main port, on the west coast, is Linaria. The island has a castle (the kastro) that dates from the Venetian occupation (13th to 15th centuries), a Byzantine monastery (the Monastery of Saint George), the grave of English poet Rupert Brooke at Tris Boukes harbor, and the Bronze Age archaeological site of Palamari. The island has its own breed of Skyrian ponies.